Alabama SKYWARN Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors  
Brian E. Peters, President   
Guy M. McCullough, Vice President   
Charles M. Arthur, Secretary/Treasurer   

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The Alabama SKYWARN Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Alabama and has been granted tax-deductible status by the IRS (501(c)3). The purpose of the Foundation is to promote severe weather awareness and preparedness in Alabama through a variety of activities. These may include but are not limited to educational activities, support of storm spotter organizations, promotion of warning systems particularly NOAA Weather Radio, support of educational activities by the National Weather Service, and support for community events that promote severe weather awareness such as Project Impact within the State of Alabama.

Projects that are on the drawing board to be considered as resources become available include:

  • printing additional Severe Weather, Winter Weather, and Hurricane Awareness Week booklets published by the National Weather Service to promote greater weather safety awareness;
  • providing NOAA Weather Radio receivers to less fortunate people especially in rural areas of Alabama to improve the overall reception of warning information;
  • support of amateur storm spotter networks through grants for equipment such as repeaters; and
  • promotion of increased use of the Emergency Manager's Weather Information Network (EMWIN) for the receipt of weather warning information.

Contributions to the Alabama SKYWARN Foundation are tax deductible and should be mailed to the Alabama SKYWARN Foundation, Inc. at 6009 Woodvale Drive, Helena, AL 35080.

For additional information, you can email Brian Peters, President and founder, Alabama SKYWARN Foundation, Inc.